XYTRONIC INDUSTRIES LTD. With headquarters in Taipei, Taiwan is a leading supplier of temperature controlled soldering systems, including solder tips and accessories for use in a wide range of electronics applications.

Founded in 1980, XYTRONIC was the first to develop a patented electronically controlled soldering station that provided a stable temperature without changing tips nor relying on mechanical switching - revolutionizing the hand soldering process! Current and heat sensitive devices could now be soldered by hand without fear that tip leakage or run away temperatures would damage the component. Reliability of the finished product was increased dramatically.


Ideally suited for applications where interconnection of two electronic devices requires solder to increase efficiency power flow. This field would include wire bonding, connector assembly, printed circuit board assemblies, SMD applications as well as the field repair/service technician.


XYTRONIC has a wide range of soldering equipment and accessories, from the basic iron to complete soldering/desoldering rework stations. The line of temperature controlled soldering stations are a key piece of equipment for all electronic assembly operations. A wide variety of soldering stations are available from 60W to 150W with an adjustable temperature range of 150~450C Other options such as analog or digital displays, safety approvals(UL, TÜV, CE, CSA, and SAA), a choice of input voltages to meet local market needs and ESD safe models are built to meet customer specifications. Two types of heating elements are available, ceramic and nichrome wound wire, each with their own attributes depending on the application.

Larger rework equipment is available in the form of solder/desolder stations, SMD rework stations and tweezers . In addition, XYTRONIC's portable 60W desolder gun that is economically priced for use by the hobbyist or field repair technician has become the leader in its product class. Two models of fume extractors are available that provide simple yet efficient removal of fumes from the immediate work area. Other products include the Hot Air 626 that has the largest internal diaphragm pump in the industry with a range of focus hoods, a hot air pencil as well as a temperature controlled tweezers.


Any where that a connection is made, a soldering station is needed - creating a worldwide market for XYTRONIC product. Ninety percent of XYTRONIC product is exported with major customers in the US, Canada, Australia, Japan and Western Europe.
Approximately 50% of the production is sold under the XYTRONIC logo while the remainder is sold on ODM or OEM basis. Currently, the company supplies such major corporations as Philips N.V. and Smith of Australia under private label arrangements. XYTRONIC's happy customer list includes IBM, Logitech, Taiwan Delta, General Instruments, Digital Equipment Corp., Siemens, Hewlett Packard and more.......


Development of new products to meet the needs of the customer, especially in the area of SMD repair and rework as well as striving to further improve customer satisfaction through added features is and continues to be XYTRONIC's focus into the 21th century